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ESP8266+434MHz Receiver to Replace SkyLink434

I bought a SkyLink security system that includes motion detectors, door/window sensors, and a receiver unit.

I can say the sensors were really good and well designed. They send up to 100f which is pretty good and meets my needs. They have, in addition, very good power consumption and batteries last for a long time.

The company actually sells another system that communicates with the user via the Internet. But I wanted to make the system I already bought an IOT system. I mean I wanted to receive alarms through the Internet and be able to control it remotely as well.

Actually I had many problems with the SkyLink receiver. I bought four receivers and almost all of them either stopped working or started giving false alarms. Therefore, I decided to hack/snap the signal sent from the sensors.

I used ESP8266 to access the WIFI and communicate to a Raspberry PI via MQTT protocol and connected the ESP8266 to a SUNKEE 433Mhz Superheterodyne Wireless Receiver Module.

On the Raspberry PI, I used Mosquitto broker as an MQTT server.

To be continued......